Nikolic Group Real Estate ensures you will have the very best experience building your new home.  We will be with you every step of the way as your home is being built.


Know All Costs

Prior to signing your building contract with the builder of your choice, we feel it is so very important to discuss the all-in costs of building your home.

Find the Right Builder

After we help you establish your all-in costs to build your home, we will then focus on the style of the home you wish to build and your personal taste on home finishes.  Once your Nikolic Group Consultant helps you establish this we will then make recommendations on home builders that will best match your needs.  Nikolic Group Real Estate will assist you with finding the builder that will offer more home for the dollar and best match your style and preferences.

What to Do While My Home is Being Built?

In our opinion, the most important part of the process is before the drywall goes up and finishes are made to your new home.  Your Nikolic Group Real Estate Consultant will explain the importance of taking pictures during all phases of construction.  This begins once the hole is dug for your foundation and documenting the subsoil and drainage conditions.  As your Consultant, we feel it is very important to document throughout the process.  We are here to help protect you and your investment.  Nikolic Group Real Estate will schedule 4 to 5 site visits while your home is being built and assist you with the questions you should be asking your builder.